It is widely accepted that past behaviour is a strong indicator of future performance, with employers often targeting interview questions to learn how you respond to different challenges and situations. Answering such questions effectively is about providing concrete examples that serve as a testimony of your capabilities. 

If you want to make a memorable impression on employers that will boost your chances of securing your ideal role, the Problem, Action, Result (PAR) is an effective interview technique for how to answer behavioural interview questions, helping you structure your responses to tell your story and set yourself apart 

Using the PAR Interview Technique 

The PAR format is an effective technique for presenting your responses during an interview, particularly when answering open-ended questions (such as behavioural questions). This enables you to use specific situations and examples to create a memorable, positive impression on interviewers that can give you an edge in landing a job. 

To utilise the PAR technique, identify a concise PAR “story” for each of the skills and qualities required for the position. In general, think of relevant stories that show you in action – where you were creative, resilient, rose to the challenge or saved the day.

Examples of PARs 

Here are some examples of PARs to illustrate how to apply this technique when answering questions in an interview. 

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