IBM Planning Analytics (TM1)

Australia’s Go-To IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) Recruiter

IBM Planning Analytics with Watson, (TM1) has long been a favourite among business users for its ability to automate planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis processes – making it easier to gain insights and develop reliable plans to put these insights into action.

But in one of IT’s more niche areas, where skill shortages are a constant presence, you want an IBM Planning Analytics recruitment agency that understands every inch of your world. That’s where we come in. As one of only a handful of specialist TM1 recruiters worldwide, we’re Australia’s go-to partner when it comes to recruiting within IBM Planning Analytics.

Whether it’s TM1 Developers, Consultants or Architects, we’ve helped countless data experts with their TM1 careers. So, wherever your skills gap may be, it’s safe to say we have the connections and expertise to support your team’s recruitment journey.

Why Continuum? It’s not just about our expertise within the TM1 space. Put simply, it comes down to our ‘we are who we employ’ culture. This means that we know each and every candidate intimately before they come across your desk. It’s this commitment that helps to breed a winning partnership with every organisation we work with.

Partnering with in-house organisations and consultancies across Sydney and beyond, some of the common TM1 jobs we source include:

  • IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 Developers
  • IBM Planning Analytics /TM1 Consultants
  • IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 Architects

Missing the expertise to take your planning analytics capability to the next level? As a specialist TM1 recruitment agency, we’re here to help you hire! Chat to Phil about finding Australia’s top tier data talent or for more information on the new planning analytics workspace, check out our recent webinar here.